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Let's make sense of your symptoms.


Online Tutoring

Signature Package


If you’ve been struggling with irregular or absent periods, PMS & estrogen dominance, PCOS, acne, fatigue, migraines, digestive issues, or other conditions and are ready to get to the root cause with individualized support & accountability, this is for you.

The Signature package is a 13-week program. We start with a 60-minute deep dive consultation and follow up bi-weekly to adjust your plan. You’ll receive a fully customized nutrition & supplementation plan, personal goal setting, 4 week sample meal plan, plus you’ll have direct unlimited access to me for questions, support, and accountability.

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This is a 30-day jumpstart program that will be specific to your body and guide you to start taking the right foundational actions to get your health where it needs to be.

  • You’ll complete a 5 Day Food & Mood Journal. I’ll review your journal and make full, customized nutrition and supplement recommendations based on your needs.

  • We’ll meet for a single 60 minute intensive to review these recommendations (and why!) with a focus on hormone, digestive, liver, thyroid and adrenal support, blood sugar balance, meal timing & macronutrient pairing.


  • You’ll receive a customized sample meal plan and cheat sheets like which fats to choose, easy recipes, a grocery guide, and food sources of key nutrients.


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Jumpstart Program


All meal plans are designed to save you time and leave you feeling nourished. Planning healthy meals takes time and energy.
Let me take care of the meal planning so you have one less thing on your plate to worry about. Choose from 1-month package or 3-month package. 

Meal Planning

What they're saying

"Working with Kiera has undoubtedly been one of the best things I've done for my body and mind. After working together for 6 months, I now understand how connected the way I eat is to my body and mind! I also learned how to make changes to my diet to heal my digestion issues - I no longer feel bloated all the time!"

- JL

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