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"Who do you help?"

People often ask me who I help as an Nutritional Practitioner. While I often use my 30 second version to give them an idea, I wanted to do a post to really share in more detail, who I help and how.

I primarily work with women between the ages of 30-45. There are some younger and some older, but that is the majority of my clients. These women have experienced a varying degree of symptoms over the years and have typically been let down by conventional medicine.

Most of these women are mothers who are burnt out or feel like they are on the verge of burnout (they usually are, they just have a harder time admitting it until the verdict is in 😆) and they want to get their body and mind back because they feel frustrated with their health and that its taking a toll on the major areas of their life. Deep down they know that their intuition is trying to tell them something but they don't know what it is or how to deal with it (google just sends them down a rabbit hole of stress and frustration trying to piece together a plan)

Other women who come and see me have never been given a reason or diagnosis for their symptoms and have even been told their tests are normal, yet they still don't feel like themselves yet are being dismissed.. **If you feel off for a while now, it's worth looking into.

Here are common scenarios women live through that maybe you can relate to:

Your overworked and stressed and you don’t like the way you’re coping, your health is becoming affected.   

- you want to feel energized throughout the day and have some tools to learn to unwind from the stress and reset without the negative impact being carried over to the next day.

You put everyone's needs before your own, therefore, you feel burnt out, resentful, and just plain ol’ blah.   

- You want to learn ways that work for you individually to take better care of yourself and set a good example for your family. 

You feel like an alien in your own body, your clothes feel uncomfortable and you feel like you lost confidence.    

- you want to lose weight and feel strong and confident. 

You do care about your health but you don't know where to start... or you tried researching for yourself only to feel overwhelmed, or even worse you tell your doctor that you just don’t feel well only to be brushed off 🥴   

-  You want someone to tell how to reach your goals based on your bio-individuality. Basically tell me what i need to do, based on what my body needs. sounds about right?

When you do get a couple minutes to yourself you just want to numb out. Your nervous system needs a break.  
- BUT you know you’ve had enough and want to do something about it.  

Your schedule is packed and your responsibilities don’t leave enough time for you - It feels weird to shift some of that time for you    
- you realize you either make time or the body will take time. If your intuition tells you something is wrong, listen.

When we meet, we start by going over their health history. This is a very extensive history that covers health, exposures, relationships, traumas and much much back to as early in childhood as they can remember. It all matters. As we dive deep into symptoms, I begin to evaluate what functional medicine lab testing we need to do to get a clearer picture of root cause imbalances (if they are necessary). All these labs can be done from the comfort of their home.

Gut and hormone health are definitely my #1 area and gut is arguably 90%+. You get the gut right, most everything else falls into place.

You must clean out the years of “gunk” in order to prime your body for the minerals and nutrients to rebalance the body. This is where I suggest a 21 day liver detox while we wait for the lab results to come back. The 21 day detox usually gives the client some very quick results, teaches them a healthy diet, as well as massively cleans up the terrain.

We get the labs back and discuss the results and suggestions and what the next steps are based on their bio-individuality.

In addition to the supplements and protocols we are working through the DESTRESS protocol which was developed by Dr. Stephen Cabral. The DESTRESS protocol addresses:



Stress reduction

Toxin removal




Success mindset

All of those things have a major impact on your health and cannot be overlooked. There are no magic supplements or quick fixes. These women did not get sick or develop symptoms overnight and it will take time to get their body back in balance. Typically you can estimate 1 month of healing for each year you have experience of symptoms. It can be shorter, it can be longer but this seems to be a pretty average estimation.

As a coach I help simplify the information into chunks that you can work with and help keep you on track. I am a partner on the journey. These women do not go at it alone.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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